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About Ligato

Ligato is an open source project that provides a platform and code samples for development of cloud native VNFs. It includes a VNF agent for VPP ( ) and a Service Function Chain (SFC) Controller for stitching virtual and physical networking.

CN Infra

CN Infra (Cloud-Native INFRAstructure) is a Go platform for building cloud-native microservices. Although it was originally intended for development/implementation of custom management/control plane agents for cloud-native Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), it can be used to develop any microservice

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VPP Agent

The VPP Agent is a Golang implementation of a control/management plane for VPP based cloud-native Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). The VPP Agent is built on top of the CN-Infra platform for developing cloud-native agents and microservices.

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SFC Controller

WORK IN PROGRESS. The SFC Controller is a Golang implementation of an orchestration module for providing data-plane connectivity for cloud native containers. The containers may be Ligato VPP-agent enabled containers which in turn use VPP based cloud-native Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) or the containers may be application containers communicating via veth interfaces.

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BGP Agent

The Ligato BGP Agent is a BGP information provider. It provides BGP information in an unified format to allow to retrieve BGP information from different sources(different BGP frameworks, eg: GoBGP, ExaBGP) and supporting multiple extensions (different AFI/SAFIS ex: IPV4 / Unicast, IPV6 / Unicast).

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