Ligato Framework


  • Control and management of container-based VNFs (CNFs)

  • Re(usability) to the greatest extent possible for code, functions, plugins (components), APIs, development patterns, development patterns

  • Architecturally layered

  • VPP and Linux Kernel dataplane support

  • Modularized so developers can use(re-use) software plugins (like Go packages)

  • Developer - friendly with documentation, tutorials, examples and libraries

  • Programming language developed for speed, efficiency, ease of use and broad community support with an extensive suite of libraries

  • Agnostic to control/management platforms including K8s

  • Implemented in running code. No better way to prove feasibility than in real networks.

Ligato Framework

Ligato Framework

Solution: Ligato

Ligato is an open source framework for developing solutions for managing and controlling CNFs or really any kind of microservice-based application. Reusable software components (dubbed plugins) with the accompanying documentation, tutorials and examples are supplied to facilitate development. A set of VPP-specific plugins including a configuration scheduler are packaged into a VPP agent enabling separate microservices, other plugins and/or processes and applications to manage and configure VPP-based CNFs. Ligato employs Golang as its programming language for the performance, concurrency, scale and broad community support necessary for developing and implementing network functions inside containers.